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OUR INSPIRATION ~                                                                            It all began with a Baby, as the best stories often do!

Jen's pregnancy was wholly celebrated but the typical pregnancy discomfort was quickly compound with the news of Twins!  A lifelong believer in the benefits of Massage, Jen struggled to find a Therapist who both specialized in prenatal Massage and made house calls.  Doctor prescribed bed rest meant no driving, errand running or spa trips to reduce pain, swelling and stress. 


Determined to help my Sister manage discomfort, stave off atrophy and improve her emotional wellbeing, I set out to find a quality Massage Therapist, specialized in Prenatal Massage and willing to make house-calls.  


Finally, we found Tammy and Jen looked forward to her in-home treatments every week!  She enjoyed tremendous physical benefits and even learned stretches and deep breathing techniques immensely valuable during delivery and recovery.  Quite simply – The right Massage improved her maternal health!  Priceless. 


Together Jen and Tammy inspired Kneaded at Home.  Jen symbolizes both home-bound Coloradoans in need of an alternative Massage treatment option and Patients who simply demand the privacy, comfort and convenience only in Home Massage can offer.


NOT another appointment to attend or another perscription to fill.


Patients like Jen who value non-medicinal, natural methods of warding off pain find massage an ideal option before, during and after pregnancy.  Afterall, a healthier, happier pregnancy will likely lead to a healthier, happier delivery and Baby.  


There are a lot of Registered Massage Therapists out there but only Kneaded at Home seeks out Therapists who are experienced, kind, patient, have a calming energy and complete dedication to the individual needs of every Patient.  We train them to be in-home Massage experts and arm them with the finest quality materials and textiles to ensure the Client's comfort.


Our goal is to tailor a Massage treatment to suit your needs and leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and at ease..  In the Comfort of Your Home!  


Thank you for reading more about the inspiration behind Kneaded at Home!


Kneaded at Home Founders

OUR EXPERIENCE ~ To create your custom in home massage

What do You Need to Relax, Recharge and Heal?  


Many people think it requires an exotic vacation with white sandy beaches, but the truth is - with the right Massage experience you will feel healthier, more relaxed, refreshed and uplifted as if you just returned from a fantastic vacation!  


Years of experience in the tourism industry; we've traveled the world, stayed in the most exotic locales and enjoyed the 'crown jewel' of every resort - The Spa.  As delightful as the spa treatments often are while traveling absolutely nothing compares to a massage at home.  It's our goal to bring the spa experience including your personal Expert, Certified, Pre-Screened Massage Therapist to your true retreat.  Home. 


Never settle for an ordinary massage again!  Enjoy massage the way it should be - in the comfort, convenience and privacy of Home.


The Kneaded at Home executive team understands how to create a standard of quality, comfort and consistency.   Only Kneaded at Home builds the most qualified, licensed Massage Team, invests in extensive training programs, utilizes only the finest quality linens and oils and most importantly, listens to You - Our Valued Client!  


Booking appointments 7-days a week, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, you select the time that best suits your busy life!


Certified Licensed Therapists

Kneaded at Home seeks out the most qualified, experienced licensed Massage Therapists with a solid commitment to the Patients' overall experience.  Kneaded at Home Therapists undergo extensive training and background checks to ensure a quality In-Home Massage experience every time.


Clean, Cozy, Luxurious Linens

The finest linens, quality massage oils, all-natural lotions are used to accentuate your In- Home Massage experience.  


We Hear You

  • Easy to book appointments - Simply Call (970) 797-4979
  • No driving, parking, traffic, waiting rooms or inconsistent treatments!
  • Good prices and money saving packages!
  • Custom Massage Experience - It's your Home and your Massage!  You select the time, location, music and treatment style!  All in the comfort, privacy and convenience of home!

Kneaded at Home

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