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Our goal is your complete comfort and relaxation. At Home.
Your Home, Your Massage. Kneaded Clients may choose to have their treatments in the living room, deck or even outdoors!

Kneaded at Home aims to become part of your weekly feel-good-routine!  But first, let us answer a few questions you may have about your In Home Massage Experience.  


Where can I have a massage at home?

Almost any space in your home can be easily transformed to create your own personal spa! Clients often prefer a den, living room, home office, bedroom, guest room or basement.


What if I have noisy kids, pets or neighbors?

Not to worry! Our expert Therapist will arrive equipped with an audio harmony station complete with speaker and ear buds to block out noise and household distractions.


How much space will my Therapist need?  

Our Therapists are not just the best Therapists in the industry - they are In-Home-Massage Experts, skilled at transforming nearly any space into a luxury spa.  An open space of a minimum 5 feet by 7 feet is required.  


What will my Therapist bring or require at my home?

Your Therapists will bring a 'Kneaded Kit' with everything required to create your ultimate massage experience.  This includes such Kneaded Ammeneties as a high-quality massage table, cozy linens, plush blanket, audio equipment and your choice of essential oils.  Your Therapist will require access to a power outlet, a bathroom and natural light.


How do I prepare for my In-Home Massage?

Like any service provider you allow in your home, our Therapists are solely focused on providing the best massage experience possible.  No need to clean up or re-arrange furniture. Your Therapist requires minimal space and access to the bathroom to wash hands and prepare your Kneaded Foot Soak.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy pure relaxation at Home.

  1. 24-hours before - Confirm address and any special instructions
  2. 20- minutes before - Clear the floor area of your massage space
  3. 10-minutes before - Mute your phone and greet your Therapist at the door


Can I tip? What is appropriate?

Yes!  Tipping is encouraged and appreciated.  When you feel amazing after your treatment - let your Therapist know with a tip!  The usual tip is is 15-20% of the cost of the treatment.  For instance, $15 tip is 20% of a $75 massage.  Therapists are not responsible to receive payment at the time of service, all services must be reserved with a form of payment in advance.


Do I have to take my clothes off?

You can do whatever makes you most comfortable.  After all, you're home and that's what it's all about!  Some Clients prefer to be nude, while others wear undergarments or clothes.  It's your massage and your choice.  At Kneaded at Home we fully respect our Client's modesty.


Can I trust the Therapist in my home?

Absolutely!  That's probably why you chose Kneaded at Home - because we take out the guess work!  We recruit and retain the finest Therapists in the field, conduct extensive training to create a fleet of expert in-home Therapists and complete thorough background checks.  All designed so you can relax and enjoy your massage experience the way it should be - At Home


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