'Being Kneaded at Home is Simply the Best!'  Karen, Kneaded Client in Fort Collins


What Makes Us Special?  No store-fronts and low overhead means Kneaded at Home can invest in what really matters -cultivating the best Team of Massage Professionals in the industry and arming them with the finest quality equipment, textiles and training to ensure a fantastic massage - every massage!


Kneaded at Home is Affordable and Convenient.  For the cost of a typical massage your Kneaded at Home personal Therapist will;

  • Arrive to your home on time, at the time you scheduled. 
  • Be prepared with the aroma therapy and music you've pre-selected. 
  • Swiftly set-up your in-home spa with cozy linens and plush blankets and whisk you away to a magical retreat, only to leave you feeling relaxed in the comfort and serenity of your home.  


Only Kneaded at Home offers specialized in-home Therapeutic Massage, removing the guess work in experiencing the best massage ever.  Serving all Patients including;

  • Home-Bound Seniors
  • Prenatal Women
  • Post-Treatment and Post-Surgical Patients
  • Chronic Migraine Patients
  • Cancer and MS Patients


  • Not another appointment to attend!   Just an hour of bliss in the tranquility of home.
  • No traffic to battle to and from a relaxing massage!  Simply choose a time that suits your schedule.
  • No parking space to find!  Your garage or driveway will do just fine.
  • No annoying waiting room and noisy office staff!  Just you at home - enjoying a therapeutic massage like the rich and famous do, in the comfort and privacy of your home.'ll never settle for an ordinary massage again!


Take a look at our Kneaded Packages for maximum savings!

Improved Health, Fast Healing - Learn How Our Expert Massage Therapists Can Help You

Comfort and Convenience - Never drive to another massage!


  • Relax in the comfort and privacy of your Home.
  • Not another errand to run or parking to find, we come to You!
  • Enjoy post-massage serenity at Home, not in a car battling traffic.


Just a Few Benefits of Massage

  • Enhance core strength, improve posture
  • Relieve stress on weigh bearing joints, causing pain
  • Increase circulation and improve digestion
  • Reduce fatigue and improve mental well being
  • Improve skin condition and elasticity
  • Reduce swelling in hands and legs
  • Combat migraine headaches
  • Stabilize hormones
  • Lessen anxiety
  • Helps to improve sleep patterns by promoting relaxation
  • Non-medicinal, all-natural treatment to manage pain and enhance overall well being


Life is Best When You're Kneaded at Home!

Kneaded at Home

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