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Proudly Introducing the Kneaded Team!

At Kneaded at Home we recruit the most talented, dedicated Registered Massage Therapists of Colorado!  We conduct extensive backgroud checks and create In-Home Training Programs - making certain every Kneaded Client can simply sit back, relax and enjoy being Kneaded at Home.


We Proudly Introduce the Kneaded Team of Therapists

Amy Andersen

Amy, In-home Massage Therapist, brings 17-years of experience to the Kneaded at Home Fleet!  Specialized in deep tissue massage, Clients love Amy's Sublime Hour-and-a-Half Treatment, able to truly enjoy in the comfort and relaxation of Home!


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Nichole Armentrout

Nichole brings her love of massage and determination to support her Client's optimal health to every appointment!  With years of experience in in-home massage, Nichole appreciates the ability to accommodate not just her Client's massage needs but also their schedule!


Your Shedule, Your Home, Your Massage!


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Tifanee Petaja

Tifanee trained at the Healing Arts Institute of Fort Collins and is a Certified Massage Therapist specialized in Prenatal, Swedish and Therapeutic Massage.  Tifanee believes in catering to each Client's individual needs, incorporating various modalities to support the Client's highest state of physical and mental wellness.  Tifanee has been positively impacting the lives of Colorado Moms' to be and is sure to be your favorite house call!


Shayla Johnson

Shayla,  expert In-Home Massage Therapist brings genuine warmth and outstanding technique to every Client - every massage. Specialized in Chronic Illness Patients and Prenatal Massage Massage, Clients love Shayla's Modern Mommy Treatment.


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Diana Dittmer

Diana is a native of Chicago and Loveland transplant and is constatly complimented on the artistic, rhythmic nature of her massage delivery.  In fact, Diana has even been referred to as the 'queen of relaxation'.  Clients have even been known to fall asleep onthe table!  


Diana feels especially fortuate to provide In-Home Massage as it allows for a level of comfort and trust for the Client, leading to their best massage experience.  


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